5 Tips Before Purchasing Property In Tenerife

No matter how many holidays you might have spent visiting Tenerife, when you finally arrive with all of your personal possessions to set up your home it is unlike any other experience you have ever had. Full of hope and excitement for your new life spent in the sunshine, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure that your transition from tourist to a property owner in Tenerife is successful.

Rent Before Buying Property

It is very different to put roots down somewhere than it is to offend the locals by cavorting around in shorts and a bikini top. There are things you might not notice while you are vacationing on the island for a couple of weeks that once you live with them on a daily basis might assume Teide-like proportions. Imagine purchasing a pool-front ground floor apartment only to discover the loud clang that you hear each time you are leaving your home is caused by the overflowing sewage tank of the complex which is buried right underneath your front doorstep. Isn’t it funny that the seller completely forgot to tell you about that?

Try Before Buying

Just like a residence can have a much more annoying and new character after it becomes more familiar, the charms of a certain residential area can also start to fade. It may have seems to be a great idea to make the centre of Las Americas your new home, but will you still think after enduring a month’s worth of bar brawls every Saturday night on the street below your window.

Fly Before Buying

Have you seen the exposes recently in the UK newspapers uncovering real estate ads of beautiful country cottages that are for sale? They are depicted in splendid isolation and dazzling sunshine, that is until you see the entire picture including Sellafield Nuclear Plant – its nearest neighbour. Although Tenerife’s experienced and professional estate agents might not pull these kinds of sneaky and underhand tricks, that doesn’t mean Bobby McGumpher won’t exaggerate how beautiful his Las Brisas one bedroom is to get a few extra thousand pounds while flogging his property on eBay. Make sure you fly out on a plane and visit the actual property before making a purchase and kissing your cash goodbye.

Cry Before Saying Goodbye

For some people leaving home and moving to another country is just as easy as it is to switch a light off. As they look out the window of their plane and watch the country continue to get smaller below all they are thinking about is gorgeous tropical sunsets and settling into their new home in an exciting new land. In the meantime, their spouse, who still has their heart in Glasgow, is crying into their newspaper.

Homesickness is one of the major reasons why the major move to Tenerife could end up in tears. Frequently one partner will not be as excited as the other one for going to live two thousand miles apart from their friends and family. One spouse might be completely happy to leave behind the sponging son-in-law and screaming grandchildren, while other starts sobbing when they see a newborn baby. In times such as this, more sensitivity is necessary. Trying to tell someone to just get over it will never be the right or most effective thing to say.

Established estate agents in Tenerife will tell you all this above and more to makes sure you’re completely happy with your purchase.

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